Glock Label Colors

I have been meaning to write this down someplace. It is a common question about the differences in Glocks and the labels on the cases. If you look at one, you may or may not know that they are not all the same.

Blue Label – Glock has a Blue Label program that provides discounts to qualified people. Go to the link and read up on it. For those that don’t meet the requirements, it is easy to meet them by joining Glock Shooting Sports Foundation. If you join for more one year, you will be eligible for a coupon that will allow you to purchase a Blue Label Glock.

White Label – White Label denotes that the gun comes with 10 round magazines for those that are not allowed to because you live in a State that doesn’t feel that you will ever need more than 10 rounds to defend yourself.

Red Label – The Red Label means that the gun comes with standard capacity magazines. Yeah, that means you get standard equipment at a standard price.

Purple Label Purple Label Glocks are contract overruns. These guns come with standard capacity magazines, but what makes them really nice is that Glock authorized resellers are allowed to sell these at less than the authorized price.

Orange Label – These Glocks are factory rebuilds.

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