Which 9mm Conceal Carry Gun Should I Buy?

This is another common question that I hear on a regular basis that doesn’t have a good answer. Everyone will have different needs and wants when it comes to a 9mm for personal defense. This quick discussion is just to cover conceal carry 9mm guns, not anything else.


So, here goes…


Step 1: Rent all of the different guns that you can so you can:

·         See how it fits your hand.

·         Test its trigger to see if you like it.

·         Test out its safety features.

·         Shoot it and see how you like its recoil and accuracy.

Step 2: Research the many different reviews done by professionals. By this, I mean, don’t just watch a bunch of YouTube videos and listen to every person that posts a video. Read the review by the reputable magazines and writers.

Step 3: Ask your friends if they have any input. It is amazing how many friends will tell you their opinions that are based on nothing but what they have heard via 3-10th hand, but you will get the occasional great bit of feedback.

Step 4: Weigh the costs/benefits of each. This is the fun part. You will likely find a couple of good options, and will need to make a tough decision. If you lots of money, then it isn’t an issue, but most of us have limited budgets.

Step 5: Buy it, and train with it on a regular basis.


The top contenders usually include the following:



1911 – There are way too many smaller 9mm carry options to mention here.

CZ P07, 2075 Rami, Compact SDP

FN FNS-9 Compact

Glock 19, 26, 43

H&K P30SK, P200SK

Kahr CM9, CW9, MK9, P9, PM9

Kel-Tec P-11, PF-9

Ruger LC9, LCP

Sig Sauer P224, P250 Compact, P290RS, P320 Carry, P938

Smith & Wesson M&P9c, M&P Shield, SDe VDE

Springfield Arms XD, XDm, XDs

Taurus 809, PT111, 24/7

Walther CCP, P99c



Charter Arms Pitbull

Ruger LCR, SP101

Smith & Wesson 929

Taurus 905


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