Grade School Gun Training

I spent the weekend at my ranch working on tiling the floors, and doing some other basic chores. During the day, I would take some breaks where I put in my hearing protection (I always have on my high impact glasses that are prescription when working with tile saws and other power tools), walked out the front door, and shot a couple of magazines, worked on reloads, and worked on malfunctions.

RanchLayoutThis is the sky view of the layout of my house, garage, horse barn, and the pistol range. I realize that very few people are as lucky as I am when it comes to convenience for training. I can:

  • Practice drawing and shooting
  • Engage multiple targets
  • Move between targets
  • Engage from cover and concealment

I can even, practice drawing from a vehicle (my Polaris Ranger is awesome) and moving in and out of a vehicle.

Late in the evening, I spent some time on the Internet and read some forums and did some Facebook reading. I was thinking about some of the people out there and I found that they really need help, but more importantly, I found that they are at a grade school level when it comes to their training.

What I Found

Those that state that they conceal carry on a regular basis scare me with their grade school training! How so they scare me? I am glad I asked that.

    · Gimmicks – I almost cry when I see the gimmicks that everyone buys into and that they then do everything they can to defend those gimmicks. I would love to see some of these companies put out of business, but their gimmicks sell. Here are a few examples, but there are many others:

      • RIP – It looks cool. It looks deadly. This round has a cult following that believes it is the best thing ever. What they fail to see is that it doesn’t penetrate properly, that it fails to feed on a regular basis because of its sharp edges and how they hit the feed ramp. There haven been other concerns with its use in polygonal barrels. However, if you want to kill some pumpkins or some watermelons, this is the round for you.
      • Serpa Holster – I think a couple of Internet searches will clearly show that there is a design issue here where debris can get into the mechanism and prevent drawing of the gun, and the alignment of the mechanism with the trigger finger resulting in negligent discharges. I guess, if you want a racing strip down your leg, then this would be a good choice.
      • Clipdraw and Versacarry – The most important fact to consider is that even the Clipdraw manufacturer recognizes that there are issues with their product and they state that you should not carry with a round in the chamber. These products, as well as others like them, do not provide the benefits of a good holster, of which the most important are that the gun must be kept in a stable position, and that you must be able to train with it. A good holster does not add enough bulk to be of concern, and a good holster provides more than one of these products can.

    · Non-Trustworthy Sources – My friend says… I heard from a cop that… I heard from a lawyer that… I heard from a trainer that… Yet, in each case, those people don’t exist, well, other than the friend. However, I am sure they have seen it on the Internet, so it must be true. Bonjour, I am a male model.

    · Ego – This is the biggest issue. Nobody is willing to say, “Damn, I wish I knew that earlier.” It always becomes a pissing match, rather than an exchange of minds and a discussion of pro and con. What should happen is that there should be a discussion of how a product will work, or not work, as a conceal carry solution, and whether you can bet your life on it as well as the lives of others. Put ego aside, and think critically. We are, after all, talking about life and death issues.

    · Poor Basic Training – Regrettably, too many training companies teach the bare minimum to get people through and get their conceal carry license/permit. They don’t teach their students enough when it comes to the law, gun retention, the proper draw stroke, and the basics of awareness. They fail to stress how important it is to keep training and learning. Students walk away thinking they know everything that they need to know.

    · No Advanced Training – Assuming that students get the basics from their initial classes, there is much more to learn such as how to use supplemental light, how to clear a room and a home, how to manage multiple attackers, how to use cover and concealment, and so on. There is a great deal to learn when it comes to individual tactics, but there is even more to learn when it comes to team tactics.


It is important, as somebody that is going to carry a lethal tool, that you get past the very basics and really learn as much as you can. Conceal carry is not about grade school training. It is about being professional in how you train, it is about training as you will fight, and fighting as you train.

So, yeah, TRAIN! 

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