Questions People Ask When They Find Out You Carry

Guns American posted a great article the other day, Top Five Questions People Ask Whey They Find Out I Carry Concealed.

I love it when I see articles like this because they make me think. It has Unload Semiautomatichappened to many of us: Getting interrogated by those that find out that we carry. I have heard many questions, but the first and foremost is the “Why?” question. I have heard many question about guns going off for no reason, about people getting killed cleaning their guns, about why people don’t support reasonable gun controls, why does anyone need 30 bullets and automatic machine guns, and so on. I hate the questions that are just repeats of the stuff that the media and politician ask. However, as I have heard them all, I have my scripted answers.

Why? – I have talked to others that are conceal carry instructors like I am, and this is far and away the most asked question. It really is simple. We carry knives in case you need to cut cheesecake or somebody needs to be stabbed. We carry guns in case somebody needs to be shot. Simple enough? Well, that is it. I carry because I can’t predict when and where evil will show up. We have seen evil appear in movie theaters, churches, offices, grocery stores, shopping malls, and in the many dark corners of the world. When it comes down to it, I have had the bad luck of having to deal with home invaders, twice. Once, a drunk neighbor got the wrong house and tried to break down our door when his key wouldn’t work. It was a very bad night for him, and for me. Another time, somebody broke into our house when we were out at dinner and my early-teen children were home by themselves. They had the smarts to go out the back door, and go to a neighbor to call the police.

I am not paranoid. I am prepared. I wear a seat belt when I drive. I watch for other drivers that might drift into my lane or cut me off. I am careful when cutting stuff with a knife. I make sure that I have a hose around when I have a fire in my well constructed fire pit. I carry my AAA card when I am driving in case I get a flat or my car won’t start. I, also, do my best to make sure that I am able to defend myself from those that are motivated to do harm to me or my loved ones for whatever reason that they might have.

Does your family know? What about other friends? – Some do, some don’t. Those that do know range from glad to know it to wondering what is wrong with me and how dare I carry around them. One of our friends really understood, after we were followed when out riding in our UTV with them, and an unsavory character proceeded to follow us up a trail that very few people in the world even knows exists. He jumped on his ATV and began following us right after we passed the driveway to his house. We were not on his land. Long story, short: When we got to the top, I bailed out the driver side and moved into position where I could engage him without endangering anyone else, including the two small children that were with us (my UTV is a six-seater). He saw me moving to the side and choosing a position. He stopped, and turned around. We found out, later that week, that this same person had been visited by the Sheriff’s office multiple times in recent weeks for his very aggressive and intimidating behavior.

Do you carry at work? Do you carry at…? – I clearly state that I carry wherever I can legally carry. See above. We don’t know when and where evil, or unbalanced people, will be, and if we will need to defend ourselves. My favorite was, “Were you carrying at ***’s funeral service?” My answer was, “It is called concealed carry because people aren’t supposed to know that you have a gun or other lethal tools.” The next questions were, “What are other lethal tools?” and “Who are others?”

Who else carries that I know? – Well, it isn’t a club where we meet every week. We don’t have secret decoder rings or secret hand shakes. Even if I know that others carry, I am not about to tell anyone.

Can I see your gun? What is it? – None of your business. However, if you ever want to learn how to shoot and how to be safe with firearms, I will be glad to help you. I will take as much time as you need to help you learn about guns and how to use them properly. I will do it because it is the right thing to do.

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