Glock 19 vs Glock 43–Concealment

OK, this isn’t a shoot off or anything like that. I just heard somebody state that a Glock 43 with a magazine extension is the same as having a Glock 19 when it comes to concealability.

Yeah… no.

I happen to have a Glock 43 with a +3 mag extension from Taran Tactical, and a Glock 19 with a stock magazine, we can easily compare the two guns side by side.

Concealing a carry gun involves several factors.

  • Height is the distance from the top of the slide to the bottom of the magazine.
  • Length is the distance from the end plate of the slide to the muzzle, and will also include the rear of the grip if it extends past the end plate.
  • Weight – well, all of us understand gravity and its impact on everything.
  • Capacity of each gun will differ, and capacity will impact concealment by adding weight and size. It is, absolutely, a trade off.
  • Capability of each gun differs, but only very slightly, and it really doesn’t impact concealment.

Let’s look at each of these factors.

Height – With the extended +3 mag, which is pretty much one of the larger WP_20171028_15_12_22_Pro (2)WP_20171028_15_12_43_Pro (2)ones out there, the measurements are pretty interesting. The Glock 43 from top of the slide to bottom of the extended mag is just under 5 1/8”, not including the sights. The Glock 19 is just under 4 7/8”, not including the sights. So, with the super big extended mag the Glock 43 is about 1/4” taller. Pretty negligible.

Length – Obviously, the Glock 43 will have no change from stock with the WP_20171028_15_10_04_Pro (2)extended magazine. The length of the Glock 43 is a touch over 6 1/4″. The Glock 19 is a bit over 7 1/3”. So, well over an inch in length difference. It is pretty clear that the Glock 43 is much smaller.

Weight – I don’t have a scale nearby to measure the Glock 43 with the extended mag, but I am certain that it is safe to say that it is less than the Glock 19. I doubt anyone would argue that, but if they leave a response, I will make sure I verify. The local grocery store is starting to get used to me weight hand guns by using the fruit and vegetable scales.

Capacity – There is a big difference here. The Glock 43, with the extended +3 mag, puts it at 9+1. The Glock 19 is 15+1. Obviously, concealability is very important, so we see single stack guns like Glock 43 holding fewer rounds than double stack guns like the Glock 19.

Capability – There is a difference in sight radius (thus, accuracy at distance) and bullet velocity. The Glock 43 is on the short end of each of those measures. However, as a defensive gun used in close quarters, those measures don’t mean anything at all.


The difference in concealability is really measured by the eye of the beholder.WP_20171028_15_14_52_Pro (2) Which of the two guns will print more and which impacts the lengths that we have to go to as a concealed carrier? I can speak from experience, I have to go with my extra baggy jeans to carry my Glock 19, but I really don’t have to change my clothing style to carry the Glock 43. Yes, I have to give up capacity, but that is really all I lose. So, maybe I should carry one more mag when carrying the Glock 43. Smile

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