GSSF and Its Benefits (like Blue Label Pricing)

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) is a wonderful program that’s sole imagepurpose is promoting shooting sports for people of all ages, both male and female.

There seems to be a great deal of confusion around the program and how it works, so I thought a quick primer might help out some people, and really help the see why they should consider joining.


This is the easy part. Prices are shown, here. image

There are three different types of memberships in the program.

  • Individual – Everyone qualifies. You don’t need to belong to any special group or hold any special job. Everyone qualifies.
  • Family – Three to six family members can use this option. The family members do not have to live at the same address.
  • Agency – A law enforcement agency can enroll three members at no charge, and add more at $15 each.


I guess everyone values each benefit, differently. However, the benefits of the GSSF membership provide something or significant value for everyone, pretty much.

CMP – GSSF is an affiliate of the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Members can take advantage of all benefits available to CMP members.

Pistol Purchase Program – This program is also referred to as the Blue Label program because the label on case is, yeah, you guessed it, blue. While others that are eligible can purchase two guns per year under the program, GSSF members are limited to one per year. GSSF has the details, HERE. Basically, if you enroll in just one year, you will receive a coupon from GSSF after renewing for the second year. If you enroll for two years to start, you will receive a coupon from GSSF, then. Blue Label Glocks are generally $75 to $100 off from the normal retail prices. For those that can’t do math, this benefit more than covers the cost of the GSSF membership.

Armorer’s Course – Glock’s armorer’s courses are available to GSSF members. The schedule is available HERE. Graduates of the armorer’s course can purchase parts directly from Glock for a reduced price. Some parts are not available, such as slides and frames, but many other parts are available including night sights, extended controls, and other standard components.

Matches – GSSF sponsors matches all over the country, and each match offers some pretty nice prizes, like cash and free guns. Another nice benefit of attending a match is that there are armorers available to inspect your gun, and replace worn parts for no charge. There is no requirement that members actually compete in matches. However, the opportunities to work with peers in the industry, win nice prizes, and get some free work done on your gun add up to some good reasons to get out there.

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