Honor Guard–A Review

I haven’t done a review on a product in ages. It just isn’t something that I do very often.

About two months ago, I bought an Honor Guard model HG9SCMS. Why? HG Left (2)_LIWhy not? I own several small, single stack, concealed carry firearms, so adding one more from a different vendor just made sense to me.

Note: I just put 200 rounds through this gun, today, and it hasn’t been cleaned, so forgive any carbon or other dirt that shows in the pics. I wanted to get this blog out, tonight.

Currently, I also have the following carry guns, just for comparison:

  • Glock 19
  • Glock 26
  • Glock 43
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm
  • Sig P238

I have several full sized service handguns, too.

Long story, somewhat short, I bought the Honor Guard as a demo gun, to show the features that people should consider when buying a concealed handgun. The features, include:

  • Ambidextrous Controls – Not just the slideHG Right stop lever, but also the manual safety, and the magazine release are available on both sides of the gun. It is so much easier to demonstrate the firing grip, magazine changes, and malfunctions for both righties and lefties using the same gun. Notice the controls as shown on the right side of the gun.
  • Grip Stippling – The OEM stippling is perfect. I am not a fan of stipple jobs, but this stippling is just aggressive enough to ensure a good grip while not chewing up your hands. HG Crown
  • Crowned Muzzle – I don’t think I have seen this, before, on a factory gun that isn’t on an upgraded model that costs more than the stock version. I may be wrong, but it jumped out at me. It is a nice feature that you won’t find on most carry guns. A good crowned muzzle will improve accuracy, but, let’s face it, most of us won’t notice the difference. I don’t, at least I am pretty sure I don’t.
  • Manual Safety – Yes, it is for demo, so I bought it with the safety. However, thinking about it, I probably would have purchased the model with the safety because I don’t like the way the blanks look on the gun where the safety would go, if it were not installed. Having the safety will help it appeal to more people, especially for those using purse carry, as the extra layer of safety. If I get to the point where I carry the gun, I probably won’t engage the safety.
  • Great Sights – I might be exaggerating a bit here, but I have several HG SightsGlocks, and I haHG Sights2te having to install better sights as I hate the stock sights on Glocks. Something that makes the sights even better is that they use the exact same sights as a Glock 43, so you will have lots of options if you want to upgrade the sights, further. I will probably add the Glock OEM night sights to this, later. Another note on the sights, the rear sight has a nice ledge, making it easier to do one handed reloads and malfunction manipulations.
  • Nice Grip Length – My main complaint with smaller concealed carry guns is that I can’t get my big manly hands fully on the grip. The extended 8 round mag is perfect for me.
  • Serial Number on Action, not Frame – I have to admit that this is one feature that I love on the Sig P320. The chassis can be removed and put into different frames since the serial number is on the chassis. Honor Defense sells different frames, including the FIST (it has a front end muzzle stand off), for a very reasonable fee.
  • Trigger – No odd safety blade. It is a nice smooth trigger that reminds me HG Triggerof the Sig P365. However, the trigger is not as nice as the P365. It is still a damned good trigger.
  • Slide Serrations – I know many people don’t like doing press checks using the front of the slide. I do. I teach it, as well as the rear grip method. You can see, in the front sight picture, that the serrations go clear across the top of the slide, too.

Most Important Features

Reliable – Yep, damned right it is reliable. So far, no malfunctions! I have used several types and weights of ammo, without any issues. Lots of defense ammo, and lots of jacketed practice ammo, as well as Syntech have gone through this gun. 

Accurate – While I say that I really don’t notice the impact of the crowned muzzle, I have to say that I have, absolutely, noticed the accuracy of this gun. It is amazing! I was ringing steel all day, earlier today, from over 40 yards. While I don’t recommend practicing at that distance, I kept stretch it out further and further both left handed and right handed.

Concealable – Being a single stack, this gun conceals nicely. I would like to see more holsters available, but I have found a couple of nice IWB kydex holsters for it, and they are working fine for training. Once I get a few more hundred rounds on this gun, it may become my go-to every day carry.

Safe???? I bring this up because there has been a great deal made of the drop safety failing, like the Sig P320. It appears that there is a fix available, though, that improves the drop safety well above and beyond industry requirements. Of course, if you slam your gun down so hard that it can be simulated with a hammer, then I guess it is something to consider.

Warranty – Honor Defense recently announced that they now have a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty applies to everything they have made, including guns made before the announcement.


Yes. I love it.

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