Not Everyone Gets Bananas

Yeah, it doesn’t sound like this has to do with self-defense, but hang in there with me for a bit.

I was watching the movie, Gringos, and one of the main characters, Ricard, the CEO, tries to put the other main character, Harold, his friend and employee, in his place by providing an analogy/story. Bananas

“Have I told you about the two gorillas?” Richard asks. “I read it in this book. Two gorillas, right? And every day they get fed carrots and every day they eat the carrots, no problem. Chomp, chomp, chomp–so delicious! Except one day, the handler, he gives one of the gorillas a banana and the other guy still gets his carrots. He doesn’t want to eat the carrots, because he sees the other guy eat the banana. You know what I’m saying? Harold, eat your fucking carrots.”

I hope you are still with me. I still have a bit to go before I actually get to a point.


Many of us eat carrots and bananas. We like the occasional banana, and we love eating our bananas. Those that eat nothing but carrots would be happy with their carrots, in most cases, until they see our bananas. How do some people get bananas and others don’t? Well, that doesn’t really matter to the ones that want bananas and instead have to eat carrots. They want those fucking bananas.


There are a few ways to get bananas:

  1. Work hard, save, budget, and then purchase bananas every now and then
  2. Forget about the above and spend whatever you have on carrots and ignore your other responsibilities in life
  3. Take bananas from others

Obviously, those that are not willing or capable of option 1, and have found that option 2 is not sustainable, may choose option number 3.


So, let’s take this to self defense.

Some gorillas will jump the gorillas that have bananas and take them. Aggressive and anti-social gorillas use violence to get what they want.

The question that we have to ask ourselves is whether our bananas are worth defending with deadly force. Of course, remember, it is an analogy and I would never advocate using deadly force to protect bananas.

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