Don’t Get Shot by the Police

Summary of the Incident

The day before yesterday, about two miles from my home, there was a home invasion. A resident shot and killed the intruder. The resident was later shot and killed by a responding police officer.


More Detail – Not all of the Details

The details haven’t been released, but so far we know that a naked man broke into the imagehome, attacked the 11 year old boy that lives there and tried to drown the child in a bath tub. The child’s father and his grandfather fought the intruder. The grandfather, a decorated veteran and former IRS agent, shot and killed the intruder, saving his grandson, and possibly his other family members, too. The mother of the child called 911 and gave them a description of her husband. There is no mention whether she also described the grandfather.

In the end, the defender won. He killed the intruder.

The responding police officer arrived on the scene of a reported invasion and a report of gunfire. As the officer approached the home, he saw a man inside with a gun. He fired. He killed the man, who happened to be the good guy that just defended his family.

What Went Wrong?

Like I stated, we don’t have all of the details. I will update this post as more information is made available.

What could have been done to help prevent this tragedy would include:

  • The caller to 911 could have stayed on the line. She was not directly engaging the intruder. The child’s father and grandfather were fighting him off.
  • The caller to 911 could have fully described the grandfather as well as the father.
  • The grandfather could have placed his gun down once the intruder was stopped.
  • The officer could have drawn and aimed, without firing, as he assessed the situation.

What We Don’t Know

We have to understand, that at this point, we don’t know:

  • What the officer saw at the scene. Was the grandfather pointing the gun at the intruder? Was he, somehow, pointing in the direction of the officer? Was the officer wearing a body cam?
  • Whether there were multiple intruders. The mother stated that more intruders came into the home during the confrontation.
  • The timing. Were shots fired as the officer approached the house? That will change many of the circumstances and the need for immediate action.
  • The information provided by the mother, the caller. She may have given great descriptions of everyone in the home. She might not have done that.
  • Whether the mother stayed on the line with 911 while the responding officer arrived.
  • Whether the mother met the responding officer out in front of the home or not.
  • The information provided by the 911 operator to the officer. If good descriptions were given, were they shared with the officer on the scene as he approached?


We need to have an open mind about what happened, and we need to keep an open mind until all of the details are in.

Instead, I am seeing the typical statements being made about how horribly trained the police are and how the officer didn’t evaluate the situation before firing. I am hearing that the police are conspiring to change the reality of the situation to protect the officer that was involved. Of course, those making these statements don’t have a clue, and have anti-police biases, but that doesn’t matter when they are poisoning the minds of others.

We, as defenders, need to understand how to respond after a shooting. What is most important is that we make sure the police have a good description of us, so we are not mistaken as the bad guy. If possible, we should disarm ourselves before the police arrive so we do not appear to be a threat. We also need to treat the responding officer with respect and follow all instructions.

Basically, don’t be a threat to the police and make it clear that you are the good guy.

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