Proper Training

I have used chainsaws as analogy when discussing firearms, and now seems like a good time to use this analogy, again.

I got my first chainsaw just a couple of years ago, so it is still semi-fresh in my mind.

  1. I opened up the box and took out the chainsaw and the owners manual. Yep, I did this with the last gun that I bought.
  2. I checked to make sure the chain was tensioned properly, and that it moved freely after disengaging the chain lock. I engaged the chain lock, again, and verified that the chain would not move freely. I then added the chain oil. When it comes to my last gun, I did a basic cleaning like the manual suggested after field stripping the gun, then a oiled it as suggested in the owner’s manual.
  3. I took the chainsaw outside, added some gas, put a log on my sawbuck, started the chainsaw, and made a couple of cuts. I put some more logs on the sawbuck and cut them up, too. For my gun, I took it outside, set up a target, loaded it, and then put a couple of magazines of ammo through it.

This is where too many chainsaw and gun owners stop.

Until you properly train with your chainsaw, you won’t understand how a tree will bind up on the chainsaw if you don’t learn how to use it and practice it. Cutting logs on the sawbuck really isn’t enough training. When it comes to cutting up a tree that has blocked your road, unless you have used that chainsaw in the field, you will have issues. You need to practice using your chainsaw under multiple conditions, including in the cold and the rain, and on different kinds of wood, dead-fall and live, Aspen, Pine, and Oak. You don’t know what kind of tree will be in the way and what the conditions will be like when you need to use that chainsaw.

You need to train with your gun, and not just standing still on a range. You need to shoot from multiple positions. You need to learn how to use cover and concealment. You need to train in all weather conditions at all days of the day and the night. You need to train so that you are prepared for that time when your life depends on being able to:






Clear malfunctions



Notice a theme? You will not just be standing there if that time arrives, at least I hope you won’t just be standing there.

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