Thousand Oaks Shooting

Since the 72 hour time frame has passed, by a good bit, and we now have a great deal more information than right after the shooting, I decided it is time to post this and provide some of this information and some of my thoughts.

Firearm: Glock 21, .45 Caliber, imagestandard magazine holds 13 rounds. CA compliant magazine holds 10 rounds. It has been stated that an “extended” magazine was used, but it is not clear whether that means a 13 round standard capacity magazine or some other capacity was used.

Shooter: Former Marine. It is unclear whether he still suffered from PTSD or not, even though he had treatment in the past. He was not a known Jihadist or anything like that.

Summary of Action: The shooter shot the outside security guard, then entered and fired on the crowd using at least two magazines.

California Laws

Just a quick summary of some of the laws of California, where legislators believe that gun control laws work, and continue to push for more and more laws.

Firearm Safety Certificate – All purchasers are required to pass a written test that is proctored by a DOJ approved instructor before purchasing or receiving a handgun. This law did not prevent the shooting.

Universal Background Checks – California has implemented universal background checks that cover all transfers, including loans, of firearms. All sales and transfers are recorded by the state of California. The Glock 21 was legally acquired. The law did not prevent the shooting.

Handgun Roster
– Only certain guns, meeting requirements as specified by the state, are allowed. All manufacturers have to pay for the testing to be allowed on the roster. Also, it might be noted that this law is being challenged as a de factor ban as any new firearms are required to meet standards that can’t be met with today’s technology. The Glock 21 is on the roster. The law did not prevent the shooting.

10 Day Waiting Period
– California requires a 10 day waiting period for the purchase of firearms. Supposedly, this cooling off period will prevent killings, even though there is no proof of this being a deterrent or helping to reduce violence. The law did not prevent the shooting.

New Resident Report of Firearm Ownership – All people moving to California, that have firearms, are required to file a report within 60 days of moving to California. This law did not apply. However, the law did not prevent the shooting.

Ammunition Purchases
– A new laws allows ammunition to only be purchased from  federally licensed dealers. All ammunition was legally purchased. The law did not prevent the shooting.

Red Flag Law
– California is one of the first states to implement a red flag law that allows friends and family to apply to the court to have a person’s firearms taken away from them without due process. However, in the case of this person, he was evaluated by a mental health specialist who cleared him of needing to be committed to a mental facility for treatment. There are no known applications that were submitted to the court, in this case. The law did not prevent the shooting.

CCW Permits – It is well known that California severely restricts conceal carry weapon permits. California is a “May-Issue” state and has no reciprocity with other states. Very few counties will issue permits to the standard citizen, despite training. Political or celebrity influence is a requirement to get a permit in most counties. This law did not prevent the shooting. However, the law prevented a trained and capable private citizen from being armed and able to stop the threat.

Magazine Capacity Limit – Laws exist to prevent the purchase or import of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. A newer law, Proposition 63, was put in place to apply this same limit to all previously grandfathered magazines. Proposition 63 currently is suspended pending further legal action. Despite claims that an “extended” magazine was used, this has not been made clear. To help understand this, please note the the standard magazine that comes with the Glock 21 when purchased in other states, holds 13 rounds. It is possible that 13 round magazines were used. It is possible that 10 round magazines were used. In either case, it is clear that the shooter changed the magazine. The answer as to what capacity magazine was used is not answered, yet. Even if an “extended” magazine were used, it would not have been a significant factor as it has been shown that changing a magazine takes less than second for a trained person. The law did not prevent the shooting.

“Assault Weapon” Ban – This is another of the many laws put in place that did not impact this incident. I can go on and on about the many issues with this law, but that is for another day. The law did not prevent the shooting.

Other Notes

Police Off-Duty Policy – This is not a law, but it is important to note that all six off-duty law enforcement officers at the shooting were unarmed. I have heard that it is a policy that prevents them from carrying when off duty, but i have not confirmed this. Not a law, but it appears to have prevented a trained and capable law enforcement officer from stopping the threat.

Time – The reports say that the initial shooting took about 2.5 minutes. I hope to see a better timeline, soon.

Firearm – The Glock 21 used is not a firearm that would be banned or subject to any special legislation. It is a widely available handgun that is often used for home defense. This was not an evil looking “Assault Weapon.”


Shootings like this can happen anywhere, even in towns considered to be extremely safe. The inability for potential victims to respond leads to more victims. In this case, there were several unarmed law enforcement officers at the incident.

I feel that it is horrible that the state of California has disarmed its citizens and made them more susceptible to these kind of shootings. It is even worse if the officers were unarmed because of some short-sighted policy.

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