Violence–You Need To Be Good At It

I keep hearing people say that “Violence is never the answer.“

I have noticed that, most of the time, the person that makes that imagestatement, or something similar, is usually trying to take some kind of moral high ground. Usually, it is the same kind of person that says that “There is good in all people.”

Yes, most people are good. However, there are some people that are just simply evil or mentally unbalanced. There are people out that that are looking to cause harm and even kill for material gain or just to feed their inner evil demons.

Anyone that has been around for more than a minute knows that there are people that will use violence to get what they want.

While violence is seldom the answer, when it is the answer, you risk failing the test of your life. When the test is a pass/fail, and you fail, it could mean the end of your life, and the lives of loved ones. When it is time to flip the switch, you need to be as violent as possible as quickly as possible, so you pass the test.

If you ever need to be violent, I hope you are really good at it.

Yeah, it is an odd thought, but I felt the need to share it.

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